Rabindranath Tagoe - Een drieluik

This book contains three parts - it is called a triptych.

The first part consists of letters Tagore wrote while on tour in India, America and Europe during 1913-1921. (Letters to a friend - Rupa and Co. - 2003). These letters were written to C.F. Andrews who was his friend and compagnon and stayed at Santiniketan. In the second part of this triptych are a number of poems from the English Radice translation: Rabindranath Tagore - Selected Poems (1994). The third part is the English translation of 'Wings of Death' by Aurobindo Bose (1960) in which we find Tagore's last written poems before he passed away.

Groene Mango's

This book contains poetry from 'Selected Writings for children' (the Oxford Tagore Translations) and also work from 'I won't let you go' (selected poems by Ketaki Kushari Dyson). Twentytwo poems are especially written for children. Tagore wrote quite a lot for children, his own as well. But these poems could be read by adults as well as by childen, in fact it was hard to draw the line ...

Groene Mango's

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257 pages

109 poems

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The poems published in this volume are translated from the original Bengali compositions of Rabindranath Tagore into English. They were all translated by the Poet himself, with the exception of the last nine poems because of his illness. This volume was first published in 1942 by Visva-Bharati, Kolkata, one year after Tagore had died. Tagore felt a life-long insecurity about his English translations; his winning of the Nobel prize for Literature brought no change for that matter.

These poems have been translated into many languages and read worldwide - I enjoyed translating them into Dutch.


Tagore Gedichten

ISBN 978 946 4433 104

204 pages

122 poems (Dutch/English)

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